August 16, 2008

Mission Bay Just Gets Better & Better

Mission bay is going to be one hot part of town. Its located on 303 acres of land between the San
Francisco Bay and Interstate-280.

Here's the Plan

1. 6,000 housing units, with 1,700 (28%) affordable to moderate, low, and very low-income
2. Redevelopment Agency sponsored non-profit developers will build 1,445 of the
affordable units on 16 acres of land contributed by the master developer.
3. 255 affordable units will be included in privately developed projects.
4. 6 million sq. ft. of office/life science/technology commercial space,
5. A new UCSF research campus containing 2.65 million sq. ft. of building space on 43 acres of
land donated by the master developer and the City,
6. 500,000 sq. ft. of city and neighborhood-serving retail space,
7. A 500-room hotel with up to 50,000 sq. ft. of retail entertainment uses,
8. 41 acres of public open space, including parks along Mission Creek and along the bay, plus 8
9. A new 500-student public school, a new public library and new fire and police stations.

This will bring what many consider to be the next internet internet like boom to San Francisco. If anything will hold up housing and keep San Francisco out of the downward spiral that Mr. Greenspan is now calling a hundred year event. For me that means it may equal or surpass the great depression for housing markets. Gotta keep those good jobs coming.

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