November 27, 2009

Foreign Real Estate Investors Return To The Market

The 17th annual survey shows strong Interest In US Real Estate.

1. Foreign real estate lenders say they plan to increase lending by 58% in the U.S. in 2009.
2. Equity investors plan to increase investment activity by 40 percent globally and by 73% in the U.S. according to the results of the 17th annual survey


D.C. trumps New York as the top global city for foreign investment. London and New York were second and third position for foreign investment interest. Five of the top ten cities were American and the U.S. was ranked as the country with the most opportunity for capital appreciation.

US Real Estate Trends

Our system certainly can surprise, but politically, we are very stable. There is a great deal of faith in our ability to adjust and change. AFIRE members surveyed find the U.S. continues to provide both the most stable and secure real estate investment environment and the best opportunity for capital appreciation.

This year, foreign investors are eying the multi family sector, followed by offices, industrial, retail, and hotel properties. US property is showing signs of an approaching price equilibrium and the dollars decline has made real estate even cheaper for foreign investors. Fed assurances that interest rates will remain low until a full blown recovery virtually assures an inexpensive dollar and once in a generation opportunity for foreign investment.

NAR reports International investors bought 154,000 homes and condos in the 12-month period ending in May, down nearly 10% from 170,000 for the same period a year earlier.But Since June, the dollar has tumbled by 9 to 11% against currencies like the Japanese yen, the Euro and the Canadian dollar. Florida leads the country accounting for 25% of foreign purchases, followed by California, Texas, and Arizona.(via AFIRE)
Green Matters

When asked to what extent a building’s green attributes influenced their decision to purchase a property, 11 percent said significantly so, and 60 percent said somewhat so. In almost the exact same percentages, investors said that green attributes were worth a greater rental premium. This was the first survey in which these two questions were asked. (Via AFIRE)

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