September 27, 2007

Moving/Buying: Check Out Your Rotten Neighbor First

Im not at all sure whether this is a good idea, but i wanted to share this beta website with all of you. Now we all have rotten neighbors and wish if we only new....we would never buy or move near one of those rude entitled neighbors that can really ruin a life.

There is a web site that amounts to a database of neighbors beyond the pale. Anyone can enter their story and it is seachable by zip code. Not only can you find out if you are about to have a really rotten neighbor experience, but you can find out exactly what type of rotten experience you are about to have.

Personally, I wonder if we are getting just a little too personal and I can certainly see thundering lawsuits screaming slander. But, I do know that some Credit Reporting Agencies link to bad tenant data bases. If you are a landlord, its possible to search a rental applicant to see if any other landlord has had such a bad experience they went to the trouble of adding that name to the data base.

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